PS22 kids choir covers Whitney Houston for latest amazing performance

Tons of celebrity singers have already have honored Whitney Houston's memory by singing her songs, but my favorite performance so far is this tribute from famed children's choir PS22 in Staten Island.

This video--originally recorded in February a few hours before the group performed it live on Piers Morgan Tonight--shows the kids singing Houston's track, "The Greatest Love of All." In the clip, the children sway back and forth along to the song. The version also features solos by two super cute and gifted kids, Kahlil and Kiarah.


Every time this group releases a new cover, I am more and more amazed by how talented these kids are. They're so young but they sing with such confidence and maturity, like they've been doing it for years. Seriously, I wish I could sing half as well as some of these children. It would probably make my habit of randomly bursting into song (especially while listening to music) a lot more enjoyable for those around me.

These are some of my other favorite performances by PS22!

"The Greatest Love of All," Whitney Houston

"Firework," Katy Perry

"Born This Way," Lady Gaga

"Paradise," Coldplay

"I Want You Back," Jackson 5

Which PS22 cover is your favorite?

Image via YouTube



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