Ashley Judd proves that mothers can kick ass in ABC's new show "Missing"

How far would you go to find your child if they went missing? Ashley Judd goes all the way to Europe on her new ABC show "Missing," which tells the story of single mother Rebecca Winstone who goes on a quest to find her missing son.

After losing her husband in a vehicle explosion, former CIA representative Winstone is extremely overprotective of their only child but reluctantly agrees to let him attend an architecture program in Rome for the summer.  A short time after he leaves, she loses communication with him and eventually gets a call from the program informing her that he hasn't attended classes or been in his dorm in two weeks. Winstone immediately flies to Rome to try to find her son, taking down armed assailants and men two times the size of her in the process.


So how exactly this is possible? Well, Winstone isn't just a former super spy, but she's also a mom hell bent on getting her son back. And now, she has to fight not only the people who took her son, but also the CIA in Rome who wants her out of the country ASAP. The end of the episode is a cliffhanger that shows Winston shot and left for dead in a river. Intense stuff!

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The show is already being criticized but I, being a sucker for anything mysterious and suspenseful, felt immediately hooked within the first 10 minutes of the show. Admittedly, the pilot episode went a little overboard with the action sequences (within the hour, Winstone fights at least 4 bad guys, engages in a motorcycle chase, and gets shot), BUT Judd is so badass during them that it made me want to run outside and prove my girl power!

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Plus, I think what will really draw people in about the show is that the entire concept highlights one of the world's most powerful motivators: a parent's love for their child. When Winstone finds a video of her son getting kidnapped and begins to cry, you genuinely feel your heart leap in your throat. Granted most moms haven't gone through CIA training, but I still think parents will be able to relate to the pain and fear in Winstone's struggle--especially because I personally know multiple mamas Latinas who, like Winstone, are fierce when it comes to their babies !

I recommend giving this show a try whether you're a mother or not. At the very least, seeing Judd take down men kung-fu style will inspire you to enroll in some self-defense classes!

Missing trailer:

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