The "J-Lowdown" on Jennifer Lopez's new site for fans!

Is Jennifer Lopez really getting married again? That's what it seemed like after Lopez's friend and famed clothing designer, Roberto Cavalli, supposedly tweeted about creating her next wedding dress. But now, Lopez is taking to the web to refute all those claims.

"Here's the truth now: ROBERTO CAVALLI'S TWITTER ACCOUNT was hacked. The rumor is not true.--Jennifer Lopez," the American Idol judge said on her website.

Lopez also revealed that in order for her fans to "get the truth," she is creating a site called The J. Low. La Lopez says:

Using this site as my way to connect, I'll share the reality of my life right here, and make sure you never have to wonder about what is or isn't real. What I tell you is the truth, everything else is just talk. Thanks for supporting and always believing in me.


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Maybe she'll also use the site to address the new photo that has recently surfaced of her filming her new music video for "Follow the Leader."  In the picture, the 42-year-old actress stands alongside an eerily similar looking stunt double sporting the same hair color and all black clothing. But, if you take a good look, you'll notice that the extra is actually a man--it's simultaneously hilarious and strange.

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In any case, at least fans know where to turn the next time the Lopez rumor mill starts churning!

What do you think of the photo? Will you visit Lopez's new site?

Image via Ramey

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