Kim Kardashian suing Mexican doctor over plastic surgery billboard

Kim Kardashian is now seeking legal action against a Mexican plastic surgeon who used her image on a billboard for his practice without permission--because what the world really needs is more Kardashian drama!

The promotional poster, which was located in Mexicali just a short distance away from California, showed Kardashian lying in a bikini with the caption "no arriesgue su belleza, ni su salud," or "don't risk your beauty or your health."


Dr. Victor Ramirez, the physician responsible, admitted to TMZ that he had not contacted the reality star. "Obviously I did not speak to Kim Kardashian. I do not have her number," he said. When the reporters tried to explain that using a celeb's image requires permission, the doctor said he would contact the police before promptly hanging up. Ha! I gotta say I kind of like this guy's style.

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Still, Kardashian herself had absolutely no problem showing some skin when she recently tweeted out a picture of herself wearing only a pair of underwear from the Kardashian Kollection's new lingerie line, with a sheet covering her chest.

Sigh. I don't know who I'm more mad at--Kim for being irritating or the doctor for perpetuating her spotlight and not representing his own country by just finding a Latina model.  I mean, haven't we already gone through this with her when she sued Old Navy for a similar reason? And OK, I guess I can understand her being mad about suddenly becoming the poster child for plastic surgery but let's be honest--the only reason Kardashian is seeking a lawsuit is because she didn't profit from the poster.

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Plus, isn't she already getting enough attention between her insanely over-publicized divorce, her appearances on the (what seems like) thousands of shows centering around her family and her Twitter war with Jon Hamm? I think we all need to just move on already and find a new pop culture obsession to love/hate. Maybe Dina Eastwood can take her place? 

Image via Kim Kardashian/twitter


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