Jessica Sanchez is lucky all eyes were on Jermaine Jones on last night's 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

American Idol contestant, Jessica Sanchez, should be thankful that fans were giving most of their attention to the controversial disqualification of Jermaine Jones and not her mediocre performance on last night's show.

Wednesday's episode revealed that Jones had been disqualified from the competition after lying to producers about his criminal past --which helped take some of the heat off of Sanchez's less than stellar rendition of Gloria Estefan's "Turn the Beat Around."

The 16-year-old Latina first solidified her place as a major contender after her amazing performance of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." But after she struggled to match her powerhouse voice to this week's fast-paced pop song, her spot in the final competition could be in jeopardy.


At least Sanchez can always count on (semi) encouraging words from judge and fellow Latina, Jennifer Lopez, who said the performanced lacked "a little bit of energy" but she "still sang it great."

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Lopez also stepped in and shared some advice with the singer. "Learn to sing straight sometimes," she said. "It's a type of thing that your voice has such a strong bravado, [which] is so beautiful on certain songs but on a song like this when you have to be… kind of syncopated and on that beat, it lagged a little bit behind."
Hopefully, this performance won't end up costing Sanchez her place in the competition because she really does have incredible talent. With a bit of luck, fans will vote her through and she'll be back next week with a better performance and a better song choice!
Watch Sanchez's version of "Turn the Beat Around:"

What do you think of Sanchez's performance? Do you agree or disagree with the judges opinions?

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