Will Ferrell shows off his Spanish skills with Jimmy Kimmel!

Will Ferrell's media appearances are known for having an, err, unique spin and his stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was no exception! For the entirety of the interview, the two comedians conversed solely en español (with English subtitles obviously)!

Ferrell appeared on the show as part of his promotional tour for his upcoming movie Casa De Mi Padre, a satire that's meant poke fun at Americans' stereotypical views of Mexicans which uses the overly dramatic telenovela format. After making his grand entrance by riding in on a fake horse, the actor and talk show host went on to--as Kimmel put it--"confuse, disappoint and possibly offend much of our Latino audience."


During the interview, the two discuss Ferrell's performance in the film, which the star suggests is Oscar-worthy. "If a silent movie can win, why not one which is made in Spanish?" he asked.

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Ferrell also credited his new Spanish skills--which he says are "like the orange juice on top of a library" (huh?!)--to watching about 400 hours of Dora the Explorer. When Kimmel pointed out that the kid's show is very informational, Ferrell responded by saying, "Dora the Explorer is a whore!"

And the fun didn't stop there. Ferrell's co-star, Diego Luna, also made a cameo, acting (jokingly) disgruntled about not having been paid for his role in the flick and angry over Ferrell's poor acting skills. "You're not Mexican, no matter how much you try," Luna told Ferrell. Ferrell's response? "Lo siento--no hablo ingles."

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The interview was typical Ferrell--overly exaggerated but hilarious. And even though the whole thing was just a joke, I still totally loved hearing Spanish (albeit nonsensical and sometimes politically incorrect Spanish) being prominently displayed on mainstream American TV!

Watch the interview (split into three parts) here!

What do you think of the interview? Will you be going to see Casa de mi Padre?

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