Can Thalia's song with Dora the Explorer compete with Shakira's? (VIDEO)

As Shakira was some time ago, Thalia has now also been captivated by one of the most popular and beloved Latina girls in the world: Dora the Explorer! The popular Mexican singer has lent her voice to an upcoming episode of the kids show. How could she not be head over heels for the little girl who teaches Spanish to children from all over the world?

The project revived a maternal instinct in the singer and she shared her excitement with her Twitter followers. "Today, we recorded a video with the kid's consent, Dora the Explorer! A duet that fills me with joy!" she wrote shortly after they finished shooting the video. The message included a photo of the singer posing next to a huge poster of the character.


This episode will premiere on March 16th at 10 and will revolve around Dora trying to help a mermaid (voiced by Thalia) find her lost mother.

The truth, no doubt, is that the actress and businesswoman was probably more than happy to participate in this episode, because even though she's famous, she's also a mom of two little ones who probably-- like most children under five—adore Dora, Boots the monkey and their adventures.

I hope more Latina singers will be encouraged to sing with Dora!

Who would you like to listen to? Whose song did you like better, Shakira's or Thalia's?  

Listen to Thalia sing with Dora:


And now, here's Shakira's song:

Image via Nickelodeon

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