'The Voice' battle rounds continue!

The battles continued on The Voice this week! And last night's episode got much more interesting with the pairings of four unique artists, Lindsey Pavao vs Lee Koch from Christina Aguilera's team and Jamar Rogers vs. Jamie Lono from Cee Lo Green's team.

Pavao and Koch were assigned Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," an out of the ordinary choice of song for the show. During rehearsals, Pavao is obviously more comfortable with the track and it is evident in the performance, which ultimately gives her the win. The whole performance is kind of strange and eerie so that at the end, I can't really tell if I enjoyed it or not. However, judge Adam Levine called it "delightfully creepy!"  



Rogers and Lono were forced to put their close friendship aside and also duke it out vocally. But while Rogers is clearly comfortable with his raspy, powerhouse voice, Lono struggles to keep up, eventually giving into his own doubts and getting sent home. It's an emotional end to the night with Rogers (who is HIV positive) declaring that his win is for everyone who has ever overcome an obstacle.

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OK, I absolutely love this show and I watch it religiously every week. But even I have to admit that this season seems to be dragging out a little bit. Though these were definitely two standout performances, the rest just weren't as unique or interesting.

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I think the judges gotta shake it up and introduce some different styles of music! They should take note from Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's talent show, ¡Q'Viva!, which has been praised by both critics and viewers for showcasing such diverse artistic Latin American styles. I personally would love to see more songs by Latino artists thrown in the mix! It would definitely add a little flavor to the whole show. Here are some of song possibilities they should feature on future episodes:

Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes"–This is one of my favorite Shakira songs and I think the mellow melody could serve well on the show for those with cool, lower-toned voices like Shaki's.

Enrique Inglesias "Hero" – I know people have mixed feelings about this song but it is one of the most well-know Inglesias tracks and it does require a specifical, soft-but-sexy kind of voice like that of Inglesias or comparable artists, such as Robin Thicke.

Jennifer Lopez "Let's Get Loud " – A contestant who can handle this super upbeat tempo while still maintaining their pitch and tone will show range in their vocal abilities. After all, who wants a winner who can only sing one type of song?

Selena " I Could Fall in Love" – This ballad needs  to be sung by a soulful and emotional singer in order to be performed well –a quality that the judges are definitely looking for in the overall winner.

Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera  "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" – Featuring the outspoken judge herself, the duet showcases a lot of trilling runs in the female vocal part and a lot of sultry  undertones in the male portion of the song. It would definitely make for an interesting battle round!

Did you watch the latest episode? What did you think of the battle rounds?

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