'The Bachelor' needs Roberto Martinez for next season!

OK, so The Bachelor is over. Can I get an Amen?! I mean, though it might have been fun to follow crazy Courtney's diabolical scheming and see all the women fight over the über boring Ben Flajnik, this season was pretty weak--and the ratings go to prove it (it was the lowest rated show in seasons).

Ben was definitely NOT on The Bachelor looking for a long-term commitment--he was there to hook up ya'll! It was like the most elaborate booty call of a season ever. The whole situation was made all the more ironic by the fact that he was all, "Don't cast any models or makeup or hairstylists," before the season started, then he totally proposed to the one, single model they had cast (who--oops!--also happened to be the hands-down prettiest girl of the bunch, even if she is psycho).

This is why the producers of ABC's smash hit The Bachelor have to choose a perfect candidate for next season, and I know exactly who it should be!


Roberto Martinez may have been out of the running for a while because of that pesky engagement he had going on with The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. But ever since they broke it off in November of 2011, I've been thinking that the producers of this famous match-making show can't go wrong by casting the super handsome Martinez.

Plus, he is actually a genuine guy who is apparently really looking to settle down--or else he most definitely wouldn't have popped the question to Ali, right?

And for real, let's be honest--can these freakin' ABC execs just hurry up a cast a Bachelor or Bachelorette, of "non-Caucasian" (as Ali once referred to Martinez, haha) status? They've been fronting like they want one, with ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee even hinting that Martinez would have been cast for season 15 of The Bachelor in lieu of Brad Womack if he hadn't succeeded in winning Ali's heart.

At the time, Martinez turned down the offer because he was engaged--duh!--but maybe now he will be more open to the proposal (pun intended). It looks like Lee better go grab some red roses and track Martinez down, stat!

Do you think Roberto Martinez of the adorable dimples would be a good choice for the next season of The Bachelor?

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