Kids just want to play...and so do these adorable baby animals! (VIDEO)

Kids can get really hyper and sometimes all they want to do is run around and play, even when their parents are way too exhausted to.  And that youthful energy isn't just part of human nature--baby animals get it too! When they want to play, they'll continue bugging their mom or dad until they have attention, just like real children. To prove it, we found these funny and totally adorable videos of baby animals harassing their parents and begging for playtime!


I absolutely LOVE the one that shows two polar bear cubs literally wrestling on top of their mom while she tries to sleep.  In fact, mama bear is so tired that she only opens her eyes twice before falling back into her deep slumber! I'm pretty sure that feeling of exhaustion is something all moms can relate to.

Prepare to laugh and "aww!" over these hilarious clips:  

Polar Bear Cubs with Mom

Bora (baby donkey) and her mom

Panda baby with his mother

Cute baby elephant rides his mom


What did you think of these videos? Does the behavior of the baby animals remind you of the way your kids sometimes act? 

Image via YouTube