This viral video is NOT funny (VIDEO)

Dear editors of,

I like your site very much. I check it daily. But here is a headline I don't EVER want to see again: "Watch the Funniest Crib Escape Ever"

Never, EVER, use the words 'funniest' and 'crib escape' in the same sentence EVER again. Am I giving myself away as a new parent? Probably, but seriously, who else would be searching the words 'crib escape' on the Internet besides new parents? Are you trying to make me sleep less than I already do?

There are like four things in this video that make regular appearances in my worst parenting nightmares.


First, HE ESCAPES HIS CRIB! The idea of that alone--isn't that what the damn crib is for, to keep him contained? Shouldn't it prevent him from escaping just by the nature of the bars?

Second, on his first attempt, he is clearly inches away from breaking his neck. When he is 30 years old and sitting behind a computer wondering why his neck hurts so much, this will clearly be the reason. And it is his neck, which, like, you know, CONNECTS HIM TO HIS BODY!

Third, not to sound like the mommy police, but he is in a drop sided crib, which have been outlawed. I am horrified with myself for even knowing this, but they have been and they have been for a reason--the SIDE DROPS. He could have easily crushed some necessary body part.

Fourth, HE ESCAPES HIS CRIB! What could he possibly do next?

And as the mom of a toddler, I can't help but wonder: Is this going to happen to me soon?

Not funny, not funny at all.

Did this make you laugh or did it scare the pants off you?