Rihanna's dad is the WORST father EVER

Ugh, seriously, Donald Fenty better hope we never run into each other in the street.

Rihanna's (real name Robyn Fenty) father recently gave an interview to Heat magazine in which he calls his daughter "fat" and Chris Brown a "nice guy." No, I'm not kidding. This actually happened and it's documented for the world to see. So much for that study about guys becoming feminists when they have daughters!



"Chris is a nice guy and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life. God knows how many I've made," Fenty said. Um, yeah, like doing this interview?

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Fenty went on to talk about how when he saw his daughter last August, he thought she was looking pudgy. "I actually thought she was a little fat the last time I saw her," he added. "When I saw her at this year's Grammys, I thought she was back to her normal size. I used to joke with her, 'Robyn, you're getting too fat.' " Ahahaha, that's so funny (insert eyeroll).

Are you freaking kidding me?! Now, we totally understand why Rihanna is still hanging out with Brown after all of the horrors he put her though--because her self-esteem was probably shredded a really long time ago by her insanely critical father! He might as well have arranged the toxic relationship himself!

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Plus, where does he get off saying stuff like that? I mean, isn't this daughter the international popstar who has won six Grammy awards, topped Billboard charts in over eighteen countries and who, by the way, has an AMAZING body? And even without all of those accomplishments, shouldn't a dad love and support his daughter unconditionally, no matter where she works or how much she weighs?

What a jerk! At least, Rihanna is sticking it to him by being totally idolized and adored by millions of people around the world. Somehow, I don't think her dear old dad can say the same.

What do you think of her dad's comments?

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