Jessica Simpson, pregnant & naked: Could you do the same?

Jessica Simpson is the latest celebrity to appear naked and pregnant on the cover of a national magazine. The soon-to-give-birth judge on the new reality TV show Fashion Star dared to bare all on the cover of Elle magazine, following the footsteps of many that came before her (not notably, Demi Moore).

Although I've seen some gorgeous pregnant photos of celebrities, I wonder: where do they get the courage to do something like that? I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to EVER show my naked body to the whole world, especially if I was 8 months pregnant.


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I've always appreciated the naked, pregnant and proud photos that appear on magazines. Jessica's pose may be a bit tired and predictable, but she's still looking gorgeous with her full belly. But when I think about doing the same thing, I freeze up.

The naked pregnancy photo has been a growing trend ever since Demi's photo was taken for that infamous Vanity Fair cover back in 1991. I've seen a few friends do it and I always wondered whether or not I could do the same. All pregnant women are beautiful, yes, but what about all the not-so-beautiful stuff that happens to your body when you're carrying a child?

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Jessica had the luxury of photoshopping in her naked photo but I wouldn't. Still, the photo is lovely and may be a beautiful keepsake after the baby is actually born--if I actually find the courage to do it one day.

Could you ever pose for pregnant and naked for a photograph, even just in the privacy of your own home?

Image via Elle Magazine