Demi Lovato exemplifies a strong Latina in MTV Special 'Stay Strong'

Someone pass the tissues! Demi Lovato's MTV special, Stay Strong, just aired and I swear to God, by the time she goes back to visit the rehab center where she recovered, I was bawling.

First of all, this was refreshing programming from the same network that brings us such gems as I Just Want My Pants Back and Jersey Shore. The documentary takes a seriously in-depth look at Demi's experiences returning home from treatment and the former Disney star is refreshingly honest about her experiences cutting, her eating disorders, and her shocking bipolar diagnosis.

So, after a 4 month stint in rehab and wrapping up a successful wrap-up tour, is she fixed?


"I don't think I'm fixed," she says. "People think you're like a car in the body shop. You go in, they fix you, and you're out like brand-new. It doesn't work like that. It takes constant fixing."

OK, so I totally admired Demi before watching this special, but now I'm straight up inspired by her. She just keeps it so real and talks candidly about feelings and thoughts that many of peers likely share. More than one fan testified to the fact that Demi literally saved her life, and I can see why.

My favorite part of Demi's story is how she admits that the pressure of being inadvertently held up as a role model while she was acting out behind scenes eventually took a severe toll on her psyche--and all at the age of 14!

"I was partying, I was self-medicating," she admits. "I decided to take it out on myself. It was my way of taking my own shame and my own guilt on myself."

After surviving so much at such a young age, it really is fantastic to see the pop star so healthy and strong. In one particularly touching moment, a montage of young girls of all races and ages say the same thing of how Demi's strength inspires them: "If she did it, so can I."

This special should be required screening in high schools all across America.

Did you watch Demi Lovato's MTV Special Stay Strong? What did you think?


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