Why doesn't 'Army Wives' feature any Latinas?

I was excited when Army Wives first hit the airwaves 5 seasons ago, "Wow," I thought, "a show about how military families handle the intense stress of living this lifestyle of constant upheaval and uncertainty." Surprisingly enough, it was a hit right out of the gate--due, I'm sure in no small part, to the support of Army families all across the country--and it has been going strong ever since.

But what really bums me out about the series this season is that there are absolutely no Latina actresses featured in major roles on the show. This seems a little fishy being that so many of us are active in the military or are married to men who are enrolled.


Last season ended with a cliffhanger involving an imminent move due to the closure of the base where the Army wives have been stationed. But thanks to a last minute hurricane and unforeseen circumstances, Fort Marshall was saved and now they will be joined by the 32nd Airborne Division and the 17th Corps. Airborne Headquarters.

So, the writers will have another chance to get it right. Hopefully, they will recognize the true diversity that exists within the armed forces and cast many more actors of color to fill the new roles. Being that Latina women have actually been joining the force at faster rates than our men, it would be a fascinating twist to see a husband instead of a wife who struggles to accommodate his wife's Army career.

Fully 12.6 percent of the Army is comprised of Latinos, and it's high time this show acknowledged our contributions.

"Army Wives" airs at 9 pm EST on Lifetime. Watch the sneak peek of last nights episodes in case you missed the two-episode premiere below:

Do you watch Army Wives? Do you think they should add Latino characters?

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