Can YOUR one-year-old do this? (VIDEO)

Recently we found a super efficient coffee making baby and today, I think we might have discovered the world's most talented one! I know every mom thinks their child is gifted but this boy's parents should definitely be extra proud. Why? Because he's only 1 years old and he can play the drums!!


It seems unbelievable, but the video shows the toddler sitting down and drumming along perfectly to a background track as if it's no big deal! Not only does he patiently wait for his cue before playing, but then he also keeps the beat for the entirety of the song. And even though it looks like he can barely reach over the drums, he still manages to play the whole thing completely nonchalantly, as if it takes zero effort to learn a song on an instrument.

Pretty darn impressive, if you ask me! I mean, I practiced the guitar for a couple of years and I'm pretty sure I looked like I was in pain whenever I played because changing chords required so much of my concentration. Plus, this little boy is so freaking adorable, it makes the whole video all the more worth watching!

See for yourself:

Do your kids know how to play an instrument?

Image via YouTube