Cell phone jammers sound like a great idea to me!

If you asked anyone in my family if it was easy to get a hold of me via my cell phone, the overwhelming response would probably be a loud, "Oh hells no!" Ya know why? Cause I pretty much hate my cell phone.

It connects me to work 24/7, it makes me available around-the-clock and it keeps me plugged in to Internet all the time. I'd take my Nook or iPad any day over my phone, at least they don't beep and buzz at me all day, demanding constant attention.

That why I thought the stunt a Philadelphia man pulled on his morning commute recently was amazing! This guy got onto the public transit bus he likely rides daily, and proceeded to use an illegal cell phone jammer to keep all his fellow patrons from yapping away on their phones, or basically use them for anything at all. To this I say: AMEN!



I mean, how many times has some obnoxious teenager subjected me to his loud, blaring (not to mention bad) music for my entire 40 minute commute against my will? How many times have I been forced to listen to a old lady literally SCREAMING into her phone during a cross town bus ride? Too many times, people, too many times. So I totally get where this guy is coming from.

"I guess I'm taking the law into my own hands," the jammer told a reporter from NBC10, "and quite frankly, I'm proud of it."

I'm proud of him too. He finally stood up and did what some of us would if we could. But there is one teeny tiny little problem with this genious evil master plan of his: Cell phone jammers are totally, 100% illegal. Whomp, whomp--way to rain on our parade there policia.

Here's NBC10 writer Teresa Masterson's hysterical account of her encounter with a cell phone jammer as told to Philebrity:

While riding the bus, my cell phone signal suddenly went out, which is not normal, and continued to search for a signal for 15 minutes. After a little while, I noticed that everyone else on the bus on his/her cell was having the same problem. Then, I see this guy (pictured at right). He's openly holding something that looks like a walkie talkie with four antennae in his hand the whole time. Anytime someone would try their cell again, this guy would subtly turn in their direction, press a button and point it at them, then continue reading his book under his creepy hood… I'm pretty sure it was one of those devices that cuts off signals; Jennifer Lopez used one in Enough, so that's all the scientific analysis I need.

Hahaha! Love the J.Lo reference in there. Anyhow, my dream of running around New York city with a jammer has been dashed before it could even really come to fruition since I don't hate cell phones enough to go to jail.

What do you think about cell phone jammers? Do you think they should be illegal? Would you be really mad if someone used on on your morning commute?

Image via Jammerall.com