What could possibly scare Sofia Vergara THIS much?!

Hahahaha! You have to love Sofia Vergara for going on this water ride with her TV son Rico Rodriguez from her hit show Modern Family.

In the photo, Vergara is seen screaming and clutching a pair of very high heels while on a water rollercoaster.  Meanwhile, Rodriguez sits behind her on the ride, talking on a cell phone with his eyes squeezed shut. Presumably, the two are shooting a scene for an upcoming episode--or at least I hope so because it looks hysterical! I mean, who wears stilettos to an amusement park?


In the show, Vergara plays eccentric and sometimes overprotective mom, Gloria Pritchett, and Rodriguez plays her sensitive son, Manny. The two make a great pair, partly because of their great chemistry and partly because of their characters' constant protectiveness of each other.

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But, Vergara isn't just a good mom on screen. She has plenty of real-life parenting experience to draw from after having her son, Manolo, at the age of 19. The two posed together for a "Got Milk?" ad in 2010. In 2009, she also told People she was dreading the day he left for college. "I joke that I want him to fail...so he can stay home another year," she said. Aww, what a cute máma Latina!

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The more I learn about Vergara, the more amazed I am by her! She got married and pregnant at such a young age, but she was still able to move her family to America and establish an incredibly successful career here. And like many migrating mothers, she had to juggle a young son, a new country, and a demanding job all at once. It's amazing to see how she has risen to the spotlight. Clearly, that Latina strength has worked for her. Plus, even while balancing all those responsibilities, she somehow managed to maintain that killer bod! I swear, if I wasn't so impressed, I'd be jealous.

Do you watch Vergara on Modern Family? What's your impression of her?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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