Pitbull rocks the NBA All-Star game halftime show (VIDEO)

If you were watching the Oscars last night, you probably missed the NBA All-Star Game that took place in Orlando and had the West winning by only 3 points (152-149). But that's not what I was paying attention to.

What I couldn't look away from was Pitbull's amazing performance at the halftime show. He rocked the show in a sexy all-black outfit including gloves and dark sunglasses, performing some of his favorites and the show included guest appearances by Chris Brown (looking totally out of place in a suit) and Ne-Yo (in a sexy hot pink shirt and white jacket).


He opened with "I Know You Want Me" surrounded by sexy female dancers dressed in black spandex and thigh-high looking outfits. They danced around him as he went into "Krazy", followed by "Rain Over Me" featuring a recorded performance by Marc Anthony to whom Pitbull said "I want to say thank you to Marc Anthony for showing love."

Then it went into a performance of "International Love" with Chris Brown, who also sung his hit "Turn Up the Music" (why won't this guy just go away!). Finally, Ne-Yo came on stage wearing his fedora and the two sang "Give Me Everything". Cuban singer Nayer was also on hand for her beautiful backup vocals and dressed-to-kill in an electric yellow and black leotard. But nothing could take away from Pitbull's overall outstanding performance. Watch it in full below.

What did you think of Pitbull's performance at the NBA All Star game during halftime?

Image via Getty Images