Why it's so hard to learn and speak Spanish! (VIDEO)

Though many countries speak Spanish, it's a long running joke among Latinos that every nationality has its own language. Certain terms and phrases vary from place to place and most Spanish-speaking countries have their own type of slang. As an El Salvadorian, I've witnessed this discrepancy firsthand while traveling in Spain.  "You're not from here, are you?" was the response I got to a lot of my questions. One guy in particular pegged me as a "salvadoreña" after hearing only a few words! That's why when I saw this new HILARIOUS video "Que dificil es hablar el español," I knew I had to share!


The video is made by two Colombian brothers, Juan Andrés and Nicolás Ospina, who sing about the difficulties of speaking Spanish when it differs from region to region. "Que difícil es hablar el español, porque todo lo que dices tiene otra definición. Que difícil entender el español, si lo aprendes, no te muevas de región," they say.

It's funny and so true, especially if you've ever tried to learn Spanish or have attempted to speak it in different Latin American countries! Plus, the way they sing about it makes it even more entertaining!! 

Watch the full video here:


What do you think of the video? Do you think Spanish is a hard language to learn?

Image via YouTube