Roselyn Sánchez is kidnapped & tortured in 'Act of Valor'

Although action movies or war films, with people dying and blood everywhere have never been my favorite, I can recognize two things. First: Everyone else seems to LOVE these types of movies, and two, wars, unfortunately, are a reality and not just a fictionalized reality created by cinematographers. On the other hand, I'm a pacifist, it's just one of my personal values—but I still understand and respect that war has a human face, and that there are brave men and women who stand on the frontlines to defend their countries.

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In honor of this group of brave soldiers, a new film called Act of Valor is hitting theaters today, February 24th. It follows an active group of Navy Seals who are featured alongside actors, like our own Roselyn Sanchez, who plays the strong agent Morales, a woman who is kidnapped and tortured by enemy forces.

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 "For me this role was very strong. As an actress, I felt like it was a real challenge and I loved it! But the cast of the film was mixed in with the real Navy Seals and listening to their stories was really piercing and moving. It makes you realize how valiant this people really are and there is just no comparison. On the other hand you have the military families, who are also very strong. They say goodbye to each other in a way that I just can't understand—without knowing if they will ever see each other again. It's really impactful," the actress told Mamás Latinas.

"Working on this film really increased my respect for the soldiers, it's one thing to imagine how they live and another thing to put yourself in their shoes."

Act of Valor, was directed by Mike McCoy y Scott Waugh, who eventually joined the cast alongside Roselyn Sánchez, Nestor Serrano and Emilio Rivera.

Here's the trailer for the film: