5 videos to get you giggling this Friday

It's the end of the week and, for many of us, that means welcoming a much-needed weekend. But before Friday night rolls around, I love to start my morning with a couple funny videos to get me going. Laughter's good for you, right? So beginning your day with a chuckle may be just what the doctor ordered.

My favorite videos lately have come from CNN's show Andersoon Cooper 360 and his "Ridiculist" segment. The anchor of distant Chilean descent provides a good giggle every time. Some of my favorite videos of his include the now infamous segment where Anderson totally loses it over the silly puns he delivers about Gerard Depardieu's peeing on a plane. Here are my five favorite Ridiculists...


1. Break room bandits steal from work fridge, including 60 pounds of deer sausage.

2. Anderson Cooper giggles over Gerard Depardieu peeing-in-the-plane jokes.

3. Puppets report on the Puppets Court over court news, plus Sesame Street.

4. Annoying "well-educated lady" yells at conductor for asking her to quiet down.

5. Brad Pitt's laugh attack just keeps going and going, plus a giggle split screen.


What's your favorite funny video from Anderson Cooper's The Ridiculist on CNN?

Image via CNN