Celebs get "cholafied" on new Tumblr page!

ryan gosling cholafied

Hollywood's biggest stars are showing off their Latina sides in the new and hilarious tumblr page, "Cholafied." Created by Michael Jason Enriquez, the site features pictures of some of the world's biggest celebs, like Ryan Gosling and Adele, as "cholas."


As you probably already know, "chola" is slang that typically refers to a Hispanic girl who wears dark lip liner and heavy jewelry and also has facial piercings, tattoos, and drawn or tattoed eyebrows. Though some believe that the term is derogatory, others argue it is a common phrase that's often taken the wrong way. It is most often used in cities with a large Latino population like Miami, East LA, and New York City.   

justin bieber cholafiedPersonally, I think it all depends on how you use it. Though there are definitely times when using the term is completely inappropriate--like in the past when non-Latinos used it as an insult to Latinos-- in this case, it's actually hysterical!  

Enriquez, an advertising student at Art Center College of Design, takes pictures of stars and "cholafies" them by adding features like exaggerated eyebrows, lip liner, or tear drop tattoos. Even famous athletes, like Jeremy Lin, got the makeover treatment. But my personal favorites were the cholafied versions of Betty White and Justin Bieber! So funny!

Do you find this tumblr entertaining or offensive? Which "cholafied" celebrity was your favorite?

Photo Credit: Michael Jason Enriquez

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