National Enquirer should never have published Whitney Houston's funeral pic

Gross. Just gross. I could NOT believe the news yesterday when it broke that the National Enquirer had published a posthumous image of Whitney Houston in her coffin alongside the headline, "Whitney: The Last Photo."

I already made my point about the tackiness in televising celebrity funerals, so the fact that a national publication would find it acceptable to run this image totally shocks me! Can the woman not get any privacy, even in death?!


It's just another example of how crazy the cult of celebrity has become in the U.S.--you know that though, maybe it's global. I felt the same way when the videos of Ghadaffi's murder were being shown everywhere, and even felt sort of weird about everyone calling for pictures of Osama Bin Laden's body when the NAVY Seal team killed him. The morbid fascination creeps me out.

It also just raises some fundamental questions about decency. I mean, come on people, poor Bobbi Kristina is barely holding it together here. You would think at the very least that someone would have pity on Whitney's daughter, who is reportedly following in her mother's footsteps. No one really knows how the image was obtained and the rest of Houston's family has remained mum on the issue, which sets off a few alarms in my head, I have to admit.

I mean, these are the same people who decided to televise the funeral in the first place and are now planning on selling the footage to the highest bidder. There is a chance that they allowed the image to be taken and run in the National Enquirer for the right price. I'm glad that I'm not famous, and also that I trust that my family would never in a million years desecrate my death or pimp out my funeral in anyway.

The rest of us just need to be sure not to buy a single copy of this paper!

What do you think: Was it wrong of the National Enquirer to run a pic of Whitney Houston in her casket?

Image via asterix611/flickr