Why Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games" should be Latina

I finally read The Hunger Games series early last year and I got through them at a record speed! So I was beyond excited to find out that my favorite novels were now being made into a movie, and even more excited when the release date for the first movie turned out to be the day after my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!!!

But I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard that Jennifer Lawrence was tapped to play olive-skinned, black-haired main character Katniss Everdeen. That's not really how I pictured the popular heroine, I actually felt like she might be Latina! But Hollywood had their way and soon Jennifer's locks were dyed brown and her skin given a golden glow.

Her coloring isn't the only thing that makes me think that Katniss could have been Latina, though.


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Katniss is one of the strongest characters I have ever read about. She lives in one of the poorest parts of the country but still manages to survive. She's also fiercely independent, barely even noticing that there are two very cute and capable boys who'd like her attention.

Beyond that, though, the number one thing that makes Katniss like a Latina is how she takes care of her family. During her tough life in District 12, she does everything she can to make sure that her family has food and she is super protective of Prim, her little sister--which is what eventually leads to Katniss to participate in the Hunger Games.

Even though the filmmakers ultimately decided to go with a non-Latina to play her, Katniss' spirit and perseverance still make her one in my eyes. With tickets on sale now for the March 23rd release, I can't wait to see the strong heroine in action and a great novel come to the big screen.

Do you think a Latina should have been cast to play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games? Are you planning to see the movie when it comes out in March?

Image via Lionsgate