'Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozado gives Latinas a bad rep

Drama, deceit and divas! Last night's season premiere of Basketball Wives showed all the fierce and feisty ladies back in action. The episode was full of all the usual backstabbing, loud-mouthed drama and Puerto Rican star, Evelyn Lozada, was at the very center of it all.

A feud between Jennifer Williams and Lozada came to a head in last night's show as the two were brought together by co-star Tami Roman. Determined to fix the rift between the two, Roman sat in the middle as Lozada accused Williams of writing an offensive blog post about her, which Williams claims was written by her publicist. As the argument escalated, Lozada began hurling increasingly offensive insults at Williams, who at least seemed genuine in her attempts to make things right.


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"You want an apology for the blog, is that what you want? How can we solve it? What do you want from me?" Williams asked. "What the f**k do you want, Evelyn?"

What was Lozada's inappropriate and ridiculously immature response? "Tone it down 'cause I'm gonna punch you in your m***********g face," she threatened.

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Ugh, really? These people actually have their own show? I have never watched Basketball Wives previous to this episode and I was astounded to see the attitude on these women, especially Lozada. It's one thing to be strong and confident enough to call out a friend when you think she's done something wrong. But to behave like teenagers who call each other names and threaten one another?

At least Williams had the decency to approach the situation like an adult, telling Lozada "if you had an issue with me, I would have preferred you come talk to me than discuss it with everybody else." Um yeah, because that's what grown-ups do! Even more shockingly, Lozada and Williams have reportedly been friends for 14 years. Wouldn't you want to respect that kind of friendship with a genuine adult conversation?

What bothers me the most is that Lozada has a daughter and she's setting a horrible example for her child. She's not only giving herself a bad rep, but showing the world a terrible picture of a Latina woman and mother.  It's honestly a shame for our community, which gets such little coverage on TV and in the media. We're so often represented as such stereotypical Latina women, Lozada should get her act together and behave like the great parents and women we are. Until then, I will not be watching again.  

Do you watch Basketball Wives? What do you think of Lozada's role on the show?

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