'The Voice' winner Javier Colon accepts Simon Cowell's singing challenge

Can Simon Cowell ever be silenced? Apparently not! Last week, his infamous know-it-all attitude once again made headlines when the executive producer challenged winners from rival singing competitions, American Idol and The Voice to a "super final" against frontrunners from his show, the X-Factor. Well, now it's time for Cowell to put his money where his mouth is since one contestant has just accepted his challenge!


Puerto-Rican singer Javier Colon, winner of last year's The Voice competition, took to Twitter to show he wasn't afraid of participating in a musical showdown. "So @simoncowell recently proposed a face off btw Idol/Xfactor/Voice winners," Colon tweeted. "I really respect the other shows and winners a lot but if U want a battle I'm IN!" Later, he confronted Cowell directly, saying "Just letting U know that I'm down! #itsonyousir!"

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YES! Am I the only one who thinks this sounds amazing? Finally, someone puts Simon Cowell in his place! OK, I confess I'm not exactly an impartial observer, I am a huge fan of The Voice and Cowell has been on the top of my list of most-hated TV personalities since his Idol days. That being said, how cool would this be to watch? All those amazing singers and snarky judges would make for such great drama. Plus, if you watched Colon on The Voice last season, you know he's an incredible singer who would be hard to beat. 

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If the competition actually does happen I think it'll be, at the very least, a show of remarkable talent. And if at some point between the performances, Cowell gets chewed out by some other judge, like Adam Levine or better yet, Latina vocalist, Christina Aguilera...well, that's just another plus!

Would you watch a competition between the winners of X-factor and other singing competitions?

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