Does Manny Ramirez deserve another chance in the Big Leagues?

Hmm, so I'm not sure why the Oakland A's have decided to sign Manny Ramirez to a minor league contract with the option to bring him up after his reduced 100 (!) game suspension for steroid use is served.

First of all, Ramirez has proven to be one of the most controversial players around (only Barry Bonds really has him beat here). His incredible batting record not withstanding, Ramirez has made some terrible decisions both on and off the field in the last couple of years. Just last summer, he was arrested for domestic assault after hitting his wife during a fight, and let's not forget about the fact that he did, in fact, test positive for steroid use last year--and this is AFTER the whole fiasco that landed some of the biggest names in the MLB in the hot seat with Congress. In other words, he should have known better...but he didn't, or worse, he just didn't care.



Ramirez has demonstrated such a cavalier attitude about the sport that has made him rich and famous and such a disregard for his fans and teammates that he doesn't really deserve a fourth chance. A fourth chance you might be wondering? Well, yeah--because Ramirez has failed tests for performance enhancing drugs not once, not twice, but three times! Though MLB eventually caved and reduced his second suspension from 100 to 50 games, this still does not bode well for whoever he will be playing for next.

You can only chalk up Ramirez's bad-boy behavior to "Manny being Manny" so many times. He's gotten in to fights with his own teammates, barely hustles after balls in the field and clearly has issues with authority. At the very least, his resigning is sending a terrible message to all the young baseball fans out there that it's OK to lie, cheat and think that you're better than everyone around you.

I understand that the struggling A's need more fans to come, I get that Ramirez will bring them, and there is no denying that the outfielder is entertaining, even if he is a defensive liability because most importantly, he hits the ball, very, very, far. But come on, enough is enough, no?

What do you think about Manny Ramirez's signing? Do you think he'll be good for the Oakland A's?

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