'The Secret World of Arriety' is worth a trip to the movie theater

This weekend, you should take your kids to go see The Secret World of Arriety. Why would you spend tons of money to go to theater instead of staying cozy in the comfort of your own home? Well, because legendary Japanese animator/artist Hayao Miyazaki and his famed Studio Ghibli are behind this new film!

You may have never heard of Miyazaki before, but if you have children and want to expose them to some absolutely beautiful animation, you should look him up. His 2008 film Ponyo (if you haven't seen it yet, rent it right away) was critically acclaimed and he is one of the few animators left in the game who still hand draws all of his films. This makes a huge difference in how the movies look on the big screen and are a large reason why it's really worth the money to see the man's work in a real movie theater.


Aside from the artistry of the animation, Studio Ghibli films (inlcuding Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away) tend to be a nice reprieve from the big, loud, shoot-em-up Hollywood fare that clogs up theaters these days. Plus, Colombian actor Moises Arias (best known as Rico from Disney's hit show Hannah Montana) is featured as a voice actor in the movie.

I really love Miyazaki's films, and sure, I'll admit it, I'm a dorky Japanese manga fan--but his work is really worth shelling out the ludicrous $13 a ticket (at least in New York). Especially since most of his movies can also teach your children something. Ponyo had an eco-conscious message, and Secret Life is all about friendship, bravery and fighting for your family.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you planning on watching The Secret Life of Arriety with your kids this weekend?

Image via Disney