Watch it Now! Wilmer Valderamma's new TV show 'Awake'

Wilmer Valderrama makes his long awaited return to episodic television in the new TV series Awake and we could not be more thrilled! Not only does the show, about a man who is living in two separate realities and can't tell which is the "real" one and which is a dream, look super interesting, but Wilmer's got himself a big ol' juicy role in one of the most anticipated new shows of 2012.

Still known best for his hysterical role as Fez in That 70s Show, I'm super excited to see him back on TV in a serious role. He plays Efrem Vega in Awake, and he's main character Michael Britten's partner.


I'm really looking forward to this show because it seems so unique. I've always had really vivid dreams and it seems like the whole concept of the show is that Britten is trying to figure out which of his realities is, well, "real." But the thing is, both of his realities have been scarred by a tragic accident. In one world, Britten has lost his son, and in the other, he's lost his wife. So, although he is meeting with therapists who are trying to help him figure out exactly what's going on, the fact is, he doesn't really want to stop living in either world because then he would have to face his terrible loss.

NBC is offering the premiere episode right now in it's enteriety online. Watch the whole episode right here!

Did you like Awake? Will you stay tuned in all season?

Image via Fox