Can pugs fly? Watch & find out! (VIDEO)

One of my favorite ways to relax during a crazy and demanding week is by surfing the web and checking out the latest memes. It's a great way to laugh and relieve some stress! This morning, I came across one of the cutest and most hilarious videos I've seen lately and once I saw it, I knew I just had to share.


In the super adorable video, two small pugs play fetch on a beach with their owner. One, named Minnie, is so eager to catch the ball that when she leaps, and (amazingly!) manages to jump over the second pug. In fact, she jumps so high it literally looks as if she's about to take flight and soar into the sky. Who knew pugs could be so swift and athletic? I sure didn't! If she can get her butt in gear like this, obviously so can I...

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Don't believe me? Watch the entirety of the video here:

How cute is that? Didn't watching that make you feel just a little bit better about your stressful day? Now, I kind of just want run out to the nearest pet store and buy a pug.

 What do you think of the flying pug? Can your dog do any tricks like that?

Image via YouTube

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