Justin Bieber gives Selena Gomez diamond "J" ring

Latina starlet Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber have been going strong for a while now but did he actually put a ring on her finger?!  

Over the weekend, Gomez shared an Instagram picture of her holding hands with Bieber while sporting a diamond “J” ring on her finger.  The caption underneath read “I’m finally home!"

While it’s unclear if the gift was meant to be a a promise ring, an early Valentine’s Day present, or just a symbol of their love, the photo instantly sparked reports of a possible engagement between the two celebrities. The rumor hasn’t been acknowledged by either of the star's teams.


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WOW! Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I feel like they are way too young to be so serious. After all, diamond rings are a forever kind of gift and Bieber isn’t even 18 yet!  I could definitely see moms with teenager girls being worried if their daughter came home with a similar present--I know I would be! At the very least, I feel like it would create an opportunity for a heart-to-heart conversation between daughter and mother for a slight reality check about what it really means to be in a committed relationship.

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On the other hand, Biebs professing his love to her with such a glitzy gift is kind of sweet. I mean, who knows? Maybe it’s like the celebrity version of giving someone a varsity letterman’s jacket to show the world they’re “going steady.”

Where do you stand on the whole issue? Do you think the gift was cute or inappropriate for their age?

Images via Selena Gomez/Instagram, The Grosby Group