Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony & the NY Knicks have a chance to teach everyone a valuable lesson

I'm a committed NY sports lover. My dad had two girls, so we always joke in my family that I was the son he never had since I was always so into playing and watching sports. So last night, my head nearly exploded when Jeremy Lin hit a last second three-pointer to help the NY Knicks win over the Toronto Raptors. Yes, it was Valentine's Day and yes, my hubby and I requested that the restaurant we were in change the channel so we could catch the end of the game (side note: Is my husband the luckiest man in the world? Um, probably).

You see, the Knicks have been really, really bad for a really, really long time. So bad, in fact. it was hard for me to watch them play without wanting to hurl a heavy object at the TV. Then last year, it seemed to finally turn around--we picked up Puerto Rican superstar Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire was doing his thing--it was, in short, awesome. Until everyone had to go ruin it with the damn NBA strike. 



When the season finally began this year, I was ready to be 100% on board again! Then Amar'e's brother died in a tragic car accident and Melo got injured, and I found myself in the same boat again with my beloved Knicks...that is, until Jeremy Lin came in to the picture and totally revitalized the team! This Harvard grad wasn't even drafted into he league, but he never once let the low expectations effect him and he has been absolutely killing it for the last 5 games. Lin is the point guard we never knew we needed so badly. He's smart (duh), he's not selfish and he elevates the game of everyone he plays with. 

Now people are whispering about how it's all going to come crashing down when Carmelo Anthony comes back. You see, Melo is what kids on the playground like to call, a "ball hog". So, we have a teachable moment about to transpire on a national stage. I'm 100% 50% sure that Anthony is going to join this rejuvenated team and fit right in. Sure, he's going to have to share a bit more than he's used to, both the ball and the spotlight, but ya know what? He's a grown man and I'm pretty sure that Melo's willing to give up some control if it directly translated into wins--and come on, who in the NY area hasn't been infected with a bit of the Linsanity that has taken over? It IS contagious, after all.

I really hope that when Carmelo comes back, he embraces this Linderella story and the newfangled Knicks and show us all what can happen when men truly work together as a team. Wouldn't that be such a great example to set for no only his son Kiyan, but all of the kids who look up to him everyday?

What do you think is going to happen when Carmelo rejoins the Knicks?

 Images via nikk_la/flickr, Splash News