Mexican hairless puppy makes debut at Westminster Dog Show!

Whoa, who would've thought that the Westminster Dog Show would get all political? First, Dogs against Romney announced their plans to protest outside of the dog show in order to raise awareness of the fact that the Republican hopeful once took a 12-hour road trip with his poor Irish Setter Seamus strapped to the roof of his car.

And now, the debut of the Mexican hairless breed Xoloitzcuintli--aka the Xolo (pronounced Show-Low)--is raising questions about the immigration status of the dogs allowed to show at the United States' most prestigious puppy event. OK, fine, I'm totally just kidding about that last part, but it would be cool if this new member of the doggy elite could raise some awareness about immigration issues. Am I right?


So, the big event is tonight! A lot of you may miss it because you out getting romantic with your significant others, or maybe you will be crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry's while watching The Notebook for the 5,000th time (um, clearly I've been their homegirls)--but not me. I will be watching the show alongside my hubby (family of serious dog lovers here!) and our puppy, aka our stand-in child. Full disclosure: It's the second night of the show, but even I'm not crazy enough to watch for two nights!

So, why am I obsessed with dog shows? Well, for me, they are like Miss America, except without all the patronizing bathing suit contests and stupid questions with even dumber answers. Also, they are seriously democratic--you really never know who is going to win these things. Now, I may be a dog lover, but even I have no idea how the heck the judges decide who the top dog is!

You know who definitely is NOT the top dog though? Mitt Romney! As if I need another reason to seriously question his judgement, the Republican hopeful once drove from Boston, MA to Ontario, Canada with his poor pup strapped in a kennel to the hood of the car. I'm pretty sure that would be a terrifying experience for any pup. Geesh, if he treats his own family that way...

Are you watching the Westminster Dog Show tonight? Are you excited about the Xolo? Do you think what Mitt Romney did was wrong?

Image via ccho/flickr