Special Report: Shakira viciously attacked by sea lion!

As if we needed any more reasons to love Shakira, she went and posted the CUTEST Facebook update over the weekend from her fabulous vacation in South Africa alongside her brother Tonino.

Apparently, Shaki had been bummed out because she hadn't been able to get as close to the wildlife as she wanted to. So, when her group chanced upon a big group of sea lions she decided to get a bit closer to check out the adorable animals. That's when things took a turn for the dangerous.


One of the sea lions felt like the Colombian singer got a little too close for comfort and jumped out of the water, roaring for a fight! The sea lion even tried to bite Shakira, but lucky for her, Tony jumped down the rocks and managed to save his sister just in the nick of time.

Save for a few bumps and bruises, it looks like Shaki survived the too close for comfort encounter without any real injuries. But let this serve as a lesson to the Hips Don't Lie singer and anyone else who thinks they can approach wild animals in their own habitat: Don't do it! Never forget that wild animals are WILD and they will do whatever they think they have to to protect their babies and their territory, even if you are a world famous singer. After all, these sea lions didn't care one bit how many Youtube views Shakira's music videos have!

Lesson learned for Shakira that's for sure. The next day she posted a pic sitting a respectable distance from some penguins with a note saying they were much friendlier and also sharing the fun fact that penguins mate for life when they find their matches. Aww, perhaps she thinking about her hot boyfriend Gerard Pique?

Have you ever had a scar animal encounter?

Image via Facebook