Selena lives on in “Amor Prohibido” duet and new CD (VIDEO)

It’s the Latino version of “where were you when they shot JFK?” Selena’s death caused just as much shock and sadness for the Latino community and we still mourn her till this day.

Although it has been 17 years since her untimely death at the bullet-firing hands of Yolanda Saldivar in 1995, her music still lives on through her fans and the famous 1997 biopic Selena that launched the career of one Ms. Jennifer Lopez.  I still listen to her music all the time, so I was excited (and a little surprised) to hear that a new CD is coming out featuring the late Tejano queen.


Her music has been revived in the upcoming album titled Enamorada de Ti, which features collaborations with artists such as reggaeton king Don Omar, teen queen Selena Gomez and the new duet of “Amor Prohibido” with Samo of Mexican rock band Camila. The best news comes from the record label Capitol Latin, who have confirmed that her voice has not been digitally altered for the album. It’s more like the modern version of the duet between father/daughter team Nat “King” Cole and Natalie Cole, which she recorded long after his death.

As a child, I loved Selena’s music and her “Amor Prohibido” was one of my favorites. My family had just come to this country and she was one of the first things I learned about in America. Her rise to fame inspired me as a kid and I was extremely sad about her demise. But I never stopped listening to her music and still frequently rewatch the movie story of her life, typically around the anniversary of her death at the end of January.

When I heard the new rendition of “Amor Prohibido”, I instantly fell in love. Her voice is as beautiful as ever and it is nicely complimented by Samo. Although I’m a little hesitant about the 17-years-after-hear-death album, I know without a doubt that I’ll be buying one anyway.

Do you like the new duet version of “Amor Prohibido”? Are you planning to buy Selena’s new posthumous album, Enamorada de Ti?

Image via AP