Will Ferrell announces NBA lineup…with a twist

As a Latina, I truly believe soccer is the most fun and interesting sport to watch, but I have to admit, this HILARIOUS Will Ferrell video is making me give basketball a second look.

The star, who will be making his debut in Spanish films with Casa de Mi Padre, introduced the starting lineup of Wednesday night’s Hornets-Bulls game in New Orleans. Let me just say, I never thought I could laugh so hard just by hearing a list of names.


Instead of reading out the usual boring highlights and stats, Ferrell decided to give each player a “fun fact”--which of course weren’t facts at all, but actually completely made up.

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“At guard number 1, his favorite movie is The Notebook,” he declared of Bulls player, Derrick Rose. And Rose wasn’t the worst off. “He doesn’t speak a lick of English,” Ferrell joked while announcing Mexican Hornets forward, Gustavo Ayon.

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Typical Ferrell! How can you not love him? He managed to simultaneously steal the spotlight off the players and overshadow that night's 80's theme at the arena. I kind of wish he could announce every sports game. Just imagine the hilarity that would ensue! Highlights would probably get much, much more interesting.

See his full reading in the video here:

What do you think of Ferrell as a sports announcer?

Image via YouTube