Sonia Sotomayor presides over Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, helped settle a heated debate between Baby Bear and Goldilocks in a new video on Sesame Street’s Youtube page.

In the video, Sotomayor explains what exactly a court justice does before donning her robes to listen to both sides of the argument. 


Baby Bear says that Goldilocks came into his house uninvited and broke his chair. In her defense, Goldilocks apologizes and says she didn’t mean to break it but that she was just tired and that “it was the only chair that fit just right.”

What was the final ruling? Watch the video below to see Sotomayor’s final decision:

Sotomayor isn’t the only Hispanic to ever be on the show.  Sofia Vergara showed Elmo how to bailar:

Tito Puentes’ performance made even Oscar the Grouch dance.

George Lopez explained liquids on the show.

And Eva Longoria taught children about the word "exquisite."

Other Hispanic celebs on the show included Bruno Mars, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Juanes, Adam Rodriguez, Los Lobos, and Menudo.

I love when Latinos appear on Sesame Street because it exposes kids to a new culture, teaches them words in a different language and even shows them some new music! I thought Sotomayor was an especially good sport too, with that adorable lesson on justice and the importance of listening to both sides of the story.

What did you think of Sotomayor's appearance on Sesame Street?

Image via YouTube