Adriana Lima stands up for Gisele Bündchen and all Latina wives should, too

Whether you were rooting for the New England Patriots or were happy to see the New York Giants win Super Bowl XLVI or didn’t really care that much either way, you’ve probably heard about Brazilian supermodel (and Patriot's QB Tom Brady's wife) Gisele Bündchen’s comments right after. The fierce Latina wife has been criticized for her words since it happened Sunday night. But now at least one person is coming to her defense.

Although she’s been criticized by the media and even the opposing team for her comments, fellow Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima is defending her friend Gisele after the backlash. Should the wife of Tom Brady have even been receiving such harsh feedback in the first place? I don’t think so.


Although pointing out the flaws of her hubbys teammates may not have been the smartest move, I think Gisele did what most wives would do. She knew her hubby was hurt over his loss and knew enough about the game that the blame shouldn't rest solely on her shoulders. She was probably really worried about him and also smarting a little from the taunts of Giants fans.

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When she said "my husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times,” it wasn’t because she wanted to play the blame game. It was because she was upset and displayed the kind of fierce, defend-our-loved-ones-at-all-cost type of wives that we Latinas tend to be. The big problem here is that Gisele is a celebrity and it was caught on tape, hence everyone making a big fuss over a wife defending her husband.

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Coming to her defense, Adriana, who is a sports wife herself, says she hopes people will relax a bit and understand that “it was a huge game, you know things happen.”

And I agree. If it was my husband playing in the biggest football game of the year, I would be a little stressed and annoyed if someone confronted me right after his team’s loss. Would I have said something stupid without thinking? Probably. But does that mean I should be crucified in the court of public opinion the way Gisele is right now? Absolutely not.

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What do you think about Adriana Lima defending Gisele? Do you agree with her comments?

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