The Ricky Martin 'Glee' episode gets a D in Spanish (VIDEO)

Something went terribly wrong with last night's Glee episode featuring Ricky Martin. Don't get me wrong, I like Ricky (and his role of Mr. Martínez had all the sex appeal and charm of mi amigo boricua), but the "Sexy and I Know It" number was not worthy of all the hype if you ask me.

Maybe it is because I was secretly hoping that Ricky would pay homage to our Latino culture, instead of doing his version of LMFAO´s hit. To me it was a D-E-S-A-S-T-R-E (¡en español and with ñ!)--after that number, the show's mock of "La Cucaracha" didn't sound so bad. Even though everyone watched Ricky last night, I'm not at all impressed with the Spanglishized version of the song, nor am I with the episode in general.


Could Mr. Martínez make Spanish sound sexy? Of course he could! Could Naya Rivera's Santana help him teach this lesson? Na-ah! To have Naya Rivera be the Spanish voice for the show, trying to teach Mr. Schuester about her "native language" is a little bit ironic. The "La Isla Bonita" duet with Ricky was okay, but as a native speaker I can say with certainty that Naya's very limited Spanish fluency showed (what a shame!).

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Poor Mr. Schuester (and the millions of viewers who were glued to their TVs last night) only had these short lived moments to attempt to feel passion for this Romance language... yes, "romance" as in a language that was derived from the Latin spoken in the days of the Roman Empire, and yes, as in THE most romantic, deep and musical of all languages. Sure Mr. Schuester can dress as a matador and try to "feel" the language. You can't just play the role, you have to BE it. Which only reminds me of Mr. Everson, my son's Spanish teacher in 12th grade, a gringo from Nebraska, who doesn't teach good Spanish and "no lo habla tam-po-co").

To Mr. Schuester, Ms. Rivera and Mr. Everson, here's some free words of advice with amor from me to you: Try Rosetta Stone, spend some time in Latin America, the Caribbean or Spain (or call Ricky, or me if he's busy) for extra help with your Spanish lessons before you teach them. ¡De nada!

What grade would you give the Spanish in last night´s episode of Glee?

Image via Fox