My favorite Ricky Martin moments on 'Glee'

I couldn’t have been more excited for Glee’s new episode, “The Spanish Teacher.” Ever since I heard that Latino superstar Ricky Martin was coming on the show, I’ve been counting down the days to see what the sexy singer would do at McKinley High School with the kids. And I wasn’t disappointed.

After the show started out with a particularly lame version of “La Cucaracha” by New Directions leader Will Schuester, the teacher brought in his new friend David Martinez (aka Ricky). His storyline involved him being a tooth model transitioning into his second career as a teacher. But that’s not all he was and he showed us just what he’s made of in some of my favorite moments this season. 


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  1. He was encouraging to the kids. From the beginning, all that his character wants is to encourage his students and help them find their duende, meaning their passion.  
  2. He taught me something about learning. He mentioned a study about how the brain retains knowledge better when it is taught through song, which inspires the episode.
  3. He’s sexy and he knows it. In order to show the students his duende, he sings LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and shows everyone his very impressive dance moves.
  4. He can spin a girl on the dance floor. When it was Santana’s turn to perform, they do a sensual duet of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” during which he sways her expertly.

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What did you think of Ricky Martin’s performance in Glee’s “The Spanish Teacher”? What was your favorite moment of the episode?

Image via Fox