Shakira may be headed to Bollywood!

Shakira is known for her outrageous dancing and hypnotic hips. Now, the Latina singer could be making her acting debut in an upcoming Bollywood film.

As first reported by The Daily Record, Shakira is considering starring in a movie entitled Desire helmed by Bangladeshi director, Enamul Karim Nirjhar. Pending negotiations with movie executives, Shakira is expected to play the main character, Desire, as well as record a song for the movie’s soundtrack.


The star has previously incorporated Bollywood-inspired moves and traditional Indian attire into her concerts, as seen at the 2006 MTV VMA’s where she sang her hit single, “Hips Don’t Lie.”

I have to confess, I’m somewhat intrigued by this possibility. Although I kind of wish that she made her acting debut in some big Hollywood film--can’t you just see her as Colombian Catwoman?--but either way, I think this could be good for her career.

I wasn't in love with that whole She-Wolf phase she went through, but she totally redeemed herself with Sale el Sol and of course I LOVED “Hips Don’t Lie.” Plus, you can’t deny the woman’s impressive ability for belly popping and hip swaying. It’s probably a safe bet she’ll be doing a lot of that in the movie.

What do you think of Shakira as an actress? Do you think she can pull off the Bollywood style?

Image via Splash News