Jaime Cepero is the new Latino to watch in NBC’s 'Smash'

I was really excited to watch last night’s premiere episode of NBC’s Smash not because I’m a huge Broadway junkie (which I am) and a fan of Katharine McPhee (which I also am) but because there’s a new Latino hottie on the rise that I couldn’t wait to see in action: Jaime Cepero.

The half-Puerto Rican Boston native plays Ellis, the new assistant to composer Tom Levitt who actually comes up with the idea for the Marilyn Monroe musical in the new drama set on the Broadway stage in New York.


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But don’t think that the assistant role is going to disappear into the background. Far from it! Jaime’s character is “armed with irresistible charm, boundless ambition, razor-sharp intelligence and ruthless determination,” according to the NBC website. Plus, show producers tease, “there’s going to be lots of twists and turns because he comes off as being such an innocent, but he’s really not that innocent…”

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With Smash debuting to a pretty good 11.5 million people, I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us next. And the one thing I’m really hoping for is to see this Latino actor’s star keep rising. Oh, and to hear him sing, of course.

Did you watch the Smash pilot episode last night? What did you think of the show—and of Jaime Cepero’s role as Ellis?

Image via NBC