Clint Eastwood shows America who's daddy in Super Bowl commercial (VIDEO)

If you were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, then there is no way you could have missed the epic Chrysler commercial starring Clint Eastwood.

Though beautifully shot, I sort of felt like I had just been chastised by the iconic Hollywood star when all was said and done. Did Clint Eastwood just show America who's daddy? Well, yeah, basically he did.


But I was sort of OK with it, because honestly, he said what a whole lot of Americans needed to hear, which was basically: "Hey, I know it's been rough, but how about we get up, dust ourselves off and work together like we have in the past to overcome our adversity?"

Which is probably why a bunch of Republicans have their panties in a bunch about the spot. Eastwood points to the revival of the auto industry in Detroit as a prime example of how we can fight back from the hole we're in and President Obama spearheaded the auto bailout that allowed the industry to not only get back on its feet, but continue to thrive over the last three years. Still, Eastwood--a staunch conservative who said he only ever voted for a Democratic candidate once (Grey Davis for Governor of California back in 1998)--insists the ad was not political.

"I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama," the actor and director told Fox News. "It was meant to be a message about job growth and the spirit of America," Eastwood added before ending his statement by saying that if Obama or any other politician wanted "to run with the spirit of that ad, go for it."

So, basically, Eastwood decided to take a few seconds out of his day-to-day activities to let America know who their daddy is and also to wag his finger at us a little bit for arguing too much on the playground. And hey, I think most of us probably needed to hear that!

What did you think about the Chrysler ad?

Image via YouTube