Progeria Patient thanks Selena Gomez for visit (VIDEO)

There’s nothing special about a young girl making a fan bracelet for a popular teen celebrity. Unless, that is, the girl is 13-year-old progeria patient Hana Hwang thanking former Disney tween starlet Selena Gomez for her holiday visit in a stirring video that shows her making thank you bracelets and talking about why she loves Selena.

The rare fatal genetic condition causes children to age eight to ten times faster than the average person and affects 1 in 8 million births. There is no cure at this time and the life expectancy is 13 years old. Hana, who listens to Selena Gomez every day for inspiration, received a surprise visit from Selena in December when the singer/actress came to her bedside at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


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Hana calls Selena her “hero” in the video and I couldn’t agree more. With her career taking off more than ever and her upcoming UNICEF trip to the Congo, Selena is truly an inspiration to any young Latino. It's so refreshing to see a celebrity consistently giving back to the people who made them famous, and Selena really backs up her talk with action. Her mami must be very, very proud.

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What do you think of Selena Gomez visiting Hana and the thank you video?

Image via Ryan