Earth to Juanes: we only care about your music

I’m a big fan of Colombian singer Juanes. He’s sexy, has a great voice and is an activist, to boot. When I heard about his upcoming acoustic album for MTV Unplugged, I was excited to hear that the artist is heading into new territory. I didn’t expect, though, that territory to include a bizarre rant about his experience with aliens.

In an interview with W Radio, the Latino crooner described the experience that changed the way he “thinks about everything” last September when he spotted a UFO out of his hotel window. Although I am open to the possibility of alien life and him having a personal encounter with ET, I just want to say: Juanes, why are you telling us this? Let’s just go back to talking about your music.


He described the experience:

"I saw lights that stood motionless, but not in a normal way. I thought they were UFOs, because what else could they be. The lights formed geometric pattern that changed every five minutes. This took place for 15 minutes."

Okay, that’s fine, but why is he telling us about it now? What brought this on? And do we even care?

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Last week he recorded the Unplugged album in Miami’s New World Symphony’s concert hall to an intimate audience of just 700 people. I’m anxiously waiting for the release of the new album this spring. In the meantime, I hope he keeps his weird alien experiences to himself.

What do you think of Juanes’ new revelation that he had an experience with a UFO?

Images via Ventura Mendoza a.k.a. Miurihausen/flickr