M.I.A. flips the bird during Super Bowl Halftime show but who really cares?

Although I’m not a huge sports fan, I was excited to watch the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in last night’s Super Bowl XLVI. But I was even more excited to see the halftime show with Madonna, who performed some of her classics as well as the newly released “Give Me All Your Luvin” with collaborators Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

I was watching pretty intently and enjoying the performance when, apparently, M.I.A. flipped off the camera during a lyric in the song. The NFL and NBC immediately apologized for not catching it in time, but I have to say--who cares? Nobody at my house really caught it and, when I asked around, it seems that not that many people really noticed either. So why is the media making such a big deal about it? If there hadn't been about a thousand articles written about it today, I bet the majority of us who were tuned in wouldn't have even known it went down like that!


I get it: it’s inappropriate and she probably should have known better, but comparisons to Janet Jackson’s infamous Nipplegate fiasco are unfair. There was no nudity and the set was so elaborate that I was focusing everything that was going on instead of noticing one little misstep by M.I.A. Still, the spokesman for the NFL, Brian McCarthy, apologized immediately after the incident saying:

"The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing and we apologize to our fans."

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It’s all over the news this morning but I still find myself wondering: Is this really that big if a deal? I didn’t notice it, I don’t know many other people who noticed it, so can we please go back to talking about other things? Like, perhaps, Madonna’s I-still-got-it-at-53 dance moves or Cee Lo’s disco Hogwarts outfit at the end? That’s really all I care about. Oh, and the Giants win of course.

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What did you think of the Super Bowl Halftime Show and M.I.A.’s finger malfunction?

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