Victor Cruz's top 3 Super Bowl 2012 moments

Over this past football season, a young Puerto Rican star emerged--Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the NY Giants, burst on to the scene when much of New York's offense was injured and sidelined. The third-string receiver wasted no time proving why he should be given a starting position, quickly racking up yards and becoming Eli Manning's go-to while inspiring a whole community of Latinos at the same time.

Last night was no exception to the rule. Cruz was in the spotlight from jump and it was obvious from his excitement that he was loving every moment of it!


Though the Boricua player was double and triple(!) teamed nearly the whole evening, Manning still managed to connect with him for the first touchdown of the game and Victor got my whole family to their feet when he celebrated with his now-trademark salsa dance.

It was apparent from the moment the Giants hit the field that Cruz was barely able to contain his Super Bowl excitment. Though QB and team captain Manning was all business, Victor bounded on to the field with barely contained enthusiasm and reminded us all that this game is supposed to be fun! Look for #80 below:

Anf finally, when all was said and done, it was Cruz who managed to distract the New England Patriots defense throughout the whole game, drawing tons of coverage and allowing his fellow wide receivers Manningham and Nicks to get open for crucial plays in the fourth quarter. After the game, the offensive team jumped onto the podium and Cruz planted a big, wet kiss on the Lombardi trophy.

 Image via Getty Images