Forget Super Bowl 2012, I am more excited about the return of 'The Voice'

Today is a great day for TV. Not only is every chick flick ever made showing on basic cable, but there are marathons of everything from Teen Mom 2 to Law & Order: SVU to The Real Housewives. And because of some stupid football game, your house is full of snacks and your husband is leaving you alone (maybe not such a stupid game afterall).

The really exciting thing happening on TV today is the return of The Voice tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. (That is if the aforementioned stupid game doesn't go into overtime.) After years of resisting any kind of singing competition show (I truly have never watched Amerian Idol), I got sucked into this show last year. It happened, in part, because The Voice was full of Latinos and that never happens on network TV.

This year, they have added a new Latina to the cast.


Cubana Christina Milian joins season two of The Voice as their social media correspondant.

Milian is a social media junkie as well as an actress/singer and mom to baby daughter, Violet. Casting Milian is really one of the reasons I love this show. Unlike other competition shows, the stars have to prove they know what they are doing. The judges actually perform, Carson Daily actually knows something about music, he isn't just a guy with a microphone and bringing Milian on board instead of a thousand other starlets proves they are looking for skill as well as name recognition.

Plus, how refreshing is it that the women on this show are Latina, with different skin tones and body shapes. Not that I don't love me some J. Lo but she is such an idealized Hollywood image, she almost isn't real. And unlike American Idol, season one of The Voice showcased some serious Latino singing talent--proving that Univision isn't the only place to see kick-ass Latino performers on TV. Four Latinos made it to the finals last season, and of course our man Javier Colon took home the prize.

And yes, there is the Christina Aguilera factor. Love her or love to hate her, it is hard to deny that her performances on the show are amazing and her inability to keep quiet and not fight with Adam and Blake is entertaining.

So I will be waiting patiently until the game is over and the real TV begins. Bring on the competition.

Are you excited about The Voice? Who was your favorite contestant last year?

Image via The Voice