I do not understand the obsession with Super Bowl 2012

I have never understood--and I doubt I ever will--the excitement and anticipation behind the damn Super Bowl!

It’s not that I hate sporting events, although to be fair I am not the biggest fan of sports, but I’ll watch a tennis match or a soccer game if my husband asks me to hang out with him (ok, I’ll watch for 20 minutes), but Football Americano is so boring, it’s like watching a series of big people running into each other, then waiting around awhile before running into each other all over again. My husband tells me that I just don’t get it. It's true, I don't.


But this is besides the point, because I totally understand that some people like football. It is the Super Bowl I don't understand. It doesn’t even feel like a game anymore, it’s like a national obligation. Even if you don't watch football ever, you have to watch the Super Bowl, like it's something that you must do.

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Not only that, but wives and girlfriends all over the United States are expected to stick around and watch their men watch the game, which almost explains why people make such a big deal about the commercials during the game. And I have no problem with that, if it’s a funny spot, I’ll be the first one to laugh, but if that means sticking around for 4 hours for 3 laughs, I think I’ll pass. I'd rather wait for tomorrow and watch the best ones on the web.

By the way, I also read on a blog that there’s an estimated $50 million spent on junk food by Super Bowl fans this year.  That’s a lot of Buffalo wings and Budweiser.

Thank God this year I’ll be watching a movie and eating something good--my husband is out of town!

Do you watch the Super Bowl? What am I missing?

Image via tedkerwin/Flickr